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Picture Gallery 1 of M6T in CQWW SSB 2000

This page shows some pictures of the station and antennas. Thanks to Tim Kirby, for the pictures below.

g4piq-m6t-sm.jpg (11770 bytes)

Andy - G4PIQ at 15m

m6t general view-sm.jpg (6837 bytes)

A view northwards (when the sun was shining for 5 mins!)

m6tant1-sm.jpg (6428 bytes)

40m 3-element in "racing" mode (wind assisted!)

m6t-ants-sm.jpg (5280 bytes)

Upward view of 20m stack

g4buo-m6t-sm.jpg (10546 bytes)

G4BUO at 20m

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2000 Darren Hatcher