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Picture Gallery 2 of M6T in CQWW SSB 2000

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spot2-s.jpg (6298 bytes)

Caravan at the spotting station.

spot1-s.jpg (4496 bytes)

TH5/LF dipoles plus Caravan

dog1-s.jpg (7005 bytes)

Yard/Guard dog at spot stn

fred-ian1-s.jpg (5257 bytes)

Fred passing mults to Ian on 10m

jan1-s.jpg (5247 bytes)

Jan at 80m

stn1-s.jpg (4048 bytes)

Main view of station aerials

Justin1-s.jpg (5364 bytes)

Justion - G4TSH at 20m

andy1-s.jpg (5391 bytes)

Andy, G4PIQ at 15m (after a lemon?)

160bust-s.jpg (3896 bytes)

Broken 160m vertcal (top section)

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2000 Darren Hatcher