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IARU 2007 as GB7HQ

Following on from 2006, Bob, G4BAH, offered to run three of the 12 stations for the IARU contest as the UK's HQ station. Running on three bands, SSB, on 80m, 20m and 10m. Details of the full operation are on the GB7HQ website.

Pictures here are from Lee, G0MTN.

Running at the top end of 80m


Bob, G4BAH, shows his face


Lee, G0MTN, nearly awake in the small hours of the morning.


80m four square


Another view of the two 20m systems and the two 10m systems


Andy, G4PIQ, running the 20m station


Darren, G0WCW, spotting and Steve, G0AEV running one-armed on 10m


Jiri running on  80m.


10m system


R5 used for listening for spots on other bands


Another  upward of of one of the 20m systems


The two 20m systems and one of the 10m systems


Jonathan  - G0DVJ

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