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CQWW SSB 1995 from England as G0KPW

This page gives overview information, some pictures of the station and antennas. Please be patient as there is a lot of information here. Thanks go to Roger Smethers (G3NLY) and Dave Sharrod, G3NKC, for the images. Other images of 1995 should arrive soon, so do come back!

The G0KPW Summary for 1995

               CQ WORLD WIDE DX CONTEST -- 1995

      Call: G0KPW                    Country:  England
      Mode: SSB                      Category: Multi Multi


      160      884     1028     1.16     13      76
       80     1581     2370     1.50     25     101
       40     1817     2889     1.59     36     127
       20     2581     6319     2.45     39     155
       15     2081     5198     2.50     38     174
       10      707     1214     1.72     27     105

     Totals   9651    19018     1.97    178     738  =>  17,420,488
The breakdown for the above can be found here.

Operator List for 1995

The 160 meter operator has a normal inverted vee or a quarter wave vertical to choose from. The picture below shows the vertical at 150 feet high (well nearly vertical) with the second 40m system at the back of the picture (a Cushcraft 402CD). The lines across the middle are the local Electricity Company's high tension feed to the area.

The 160m 1/4 wave vertical and second 40m system.

The top band operating position looked like this ...

Top band operating position.

The radio is an FT1000D and for some reason, a CW keyer was in place - bit of DX on the side? To the left is George, running on the 80m station.

80 meters has a four square and also a delta loop to play with. The photo below shows the four square as set up in the middle of a sugar beet field. To the left is the primary 20m system with a pair of four over four yagis (bottom yagi points at the US). Again you can see that to get all the aerial in takes a bit of doing without the elements becoming difficult to see! If you look closely, right in the distance on the left hand edge is the 160m vertical.

20m Stack and the 80m four square

The picture below left shows the primary three element beam for 40 meters (full size). It also shows that just occasionally the sun shines and the sky is blue - even in October! The white caravan (well it was white when it was obtained) is the 10m station, where Fred Handscombe (G4BWP) spent his weekend. In the right foreground of the photo is the tower of the second 10m system (single 5 element yagi). And below is Steve (G4VMM) at the operating chair.

 40m operating position - Chris (G3VMM) in the chair

The picture below left shows Andy Cook (G4PIQ) at the back running the 15m station with Chris Swallow (G3VHB) running the 20m station. In the morning and late in the evening, Andy says that it gets a bit chilly around the feet, particularly with the end of the shack open (as shown here).

15m and 20m operating positions (Andy and Chris) Andy G4PIQ in CQWW 1994

Above right is another picture of Andy when caught in a less frantic moment on 15m in CQWW 1994!

The next image shows the main HF antenna setup. This shows, from left to right, a single Hy-Gain on 10m, the second system on 15m, the three element on 40m, the second system on 20m (5 element yagi) and lastly the primary system on 10m (five over five). Not visible are the second 40m system, the primary 20m system, the four square and lastly the 160m vertical.

HF Antennas.

Yet again, Fred (G4BWP) managed DXCC in a weekend (despite computer and power line noise).

When it comes to getting reliable mains power, the end solution was to hire a generator. However, they seem to come in two sizes - too small and too big. So, we had to err on the side of more capacity is better than less ... this one came on the back of a lorry.


Below left is another view of the antennas from the sout east, below right is look at the four square (and 40m yagi) in 1994, and at the bottom is another pictrue of the generator with a trailer next to it.

 View again from the south east 80m four square and 40m beam in CQWW SSB 1994 Generator and a trailer in the car park.

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