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CQWW SSB 1999 from England as M6T

The Team from 1999 (on the Monday afterwards) - (120k) A selection of pictures from various people are now available below:

Pictures by Paul - G0CYB

Pictures by Don - G3XTT

Pictures by Justin - G4TSH

Pictures by Gary - G4IFB

The M6T Summary for 1999

Raw score - subject to log merging etc......

Class: Multi-Multi HP
Operating Time (hrs): 47.5

 Band     QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:    944     11     70
   80:   1820     27    109
   40:   1719     33    128
   20:   3248     40    174
   15:   3418     40    172
   10:   3841     40    191
Total:  14990    191    844  =  32,359,275
	Spotting : G4BAH, G0AFH, G0WCW, G0MTN, G4IFB. 

Equipment :

160m (G4IFB + G3XTT)
FT1000D + PA. 40m vertical + 2 x Dipoles @ 36m. 2 wire beverage NW/SE + K9AY loops.

80m (G3WGN + OH6YF)
FT1000MP + PA. 4 square + 2 el wire yagi @ 20m. 2 wire beverage NW/SE + K9AY loops.

40m (G4VMM + G0CYB)
FT1000MP + PA. 3 el yagi @ 30m + 402CD @ 25m.

20m (G4BUO + G4TSH)
FT1000D + PA. Stacked 204CDs @ 18/30m + 204CD @ 24m.

15m (G4PIQ + G0MTN)
FT1000D + PA. Stacked extended 155BAs @ 18/30m + extended 155BA @ 24m

10m (G4BWP + G0KRL + G0AEV)
FT1000D + PA. Stacked 105BAs @ 25/33m + 105BA @ 25m

General Comments:
Great conditions, especially on 10. A bit more iffy on the low bands - especially to North America on 160.

Had a few problems as usual with field day style setup, and team very tired but happy to have broken the old EU Multi Multi record by around 6M, 191 countries on 10 (also new record) and target of over 1000 mults.

It will be really interesting to see how many other records get smashed this time around.  Full story will follow when writing is more appealing than sleeping. Any comments regarding our signals apprciated as usual.

Thanks to everyone for working us.

73, Andy, G4PIQ.

Topband report by Gary, G4IFB in brief:

160m conditions were lousy on Saturday, slighly less lousy on Sunday early morning (when we wkd a tiny handful of Ws).

Noise levels were nothing special - for much of the time we were able to find reasonably quiet spots to call CQ but we know other Ws were calling at times but not heard (even when we specifically listened on the Beverage under the noise leaving long gaps between CQs).

We used the quarter-wave vertical and both dipoles alternately (Don, G3XTT preferred the dipoles, me the vertical), and the 560' Beverage shared with 80m (interesting diversity between RX antennas, feeding one into each ear).

Odd propagation: we seemed to have 2 classes of callers, those S9+10++ or S2-3 (in the noise), with few in between.

Highlights for me: being called by V26B and ZS6P out of the blue, also receiving passes from the other guys.

Lowlights: usual encroachment on "our" run frequency by a couple of stations - though not as bad as usual (G3XTT suffered more than me - I succeeded in persuading a few to shift a bit and maintained some run freqs for extended periods - several hours), also getting virtually no usable spots from spotters/cluster.

Gary, G4IFB

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1999-2000 Darren Hatcher