3/4th Nov 2007 – Marconi Memorial 144MHz CW Contest

on Thursday 08 November 2007 - 15:18:53 | by mrsadmin
3/4th Nov 2007 – Marconi Memorial 144MHz CW Contest

Single Op: M0ITY unassisted/24Hrs


RIG: FT1000MP + XVRTr Javornik 14MHz IF

ANT: 2 system’s of 2x 17B2 at 100fts


QSOs: 223

Points (km): 127091

Result: RSGB runner up in 24h single op/fixed.EU to be confirmed


I came on Friday and managed to get 2nd system going ok. It was little windy but not too bad. According to Hepburn tropo forecast something was about to happen somewhere south or so. Friday night I was working well into EA on CW with 2nd system just 8m above ground. Excellent, promising. Instead of getting proper sleep I played till morning hours both on 80m 4SQ and on 2m where activity was good as few portables in Germany went on Friday too.

About lunchtime I winded up master system to 100FTs and 2nd to about 80fts. I was startin about 14:10UTC and lost 10minutes but that was not that important in this kind of test. Start was good with steady QSOs, JN58 / JN49 and OL4A in JO60RN in first 45minutes. Not bad. No EAs today but I felt like something is coming from EAST and soon in about 2-3hours after start I received 2 SMS Texts that I am being heard in JO70/JN79 via very long MS (30-60s). I thought there is no major shower of meteorites but I swept both systems to EASTish heading and called CQ. And then I realized we are having great TROPO ducting which is getting

Better with every hour. First I could work high altitude stations and /P (DLs from JO50,JN59 etc.) with 599 reports and then I heard 600kHz away CQ TEST de OL8R with 59+30dB strength. Ok, I know guys well and know they do have serious systems too so I called them, twice I got reply ok DM1A and I had to repeat de M1A twice hihi (not surprising with well over S9 strengths). Darkness, night and now the fun game begun. Dave G7RAU is closing up (only serious UK competitor in this contest) and obviously he had better ducting and was working further down the EU. I am calling 9A5Y ! in JN85OO and managing just to pull out 1361km distance! S50C is calling me back but not my QRG and I lost them, too slow though. About 4:00 I am falling asleep hoping to recover quickly, but I am getting up about 9:30, too long sleep, ufff. I know I just made mistake by taking so long nap and Dave is already ahead. I am taking sandwich and key and 10:00 making 1st recovery contact. OL3Z, OL5J and OK2KGB + Germans means I am keeping abt 500km/QSO average. Not bad at all. OK2KJI and OE5MPL + OE5D makes up for being tired. 14:00 and I am being tired and hearing just dots and dashes, my first CW /24 contest in single op. category. (I did 6hours last year and we came 1st in 6HO section) I am getting some sleep as do not want to repeat last years car crash while driving without sleep and feeling good that I did make effort and managed to exchange reports and regards with quite a few friends from OK (land I was born in)

Thanks to Bob for all support and motivation and for waking me up and thanks to all M6T/MRS/KPW guys for being friends and around

Jiri M0ITY / OK2IT