G4MRS Club Details

History and Location

The Martlesham Radio Society was founded in the distant past of the British Post Office Research facility in the 70's. The Post Office was left behind in the early eighties and now is known as BT plc. The then Radio Society left its old call sign of G4BPO (British Post Office) and took up G4MRS in honour of the change to the Martlesham Radio Society.

The Club Shack is located at the BT Adastral Park site (until recently, BT Labs), with a locator of JO02PB. The Worked All Britain (WAB) square is TM24.

Club meetings are held at 19:30 on occasional Wednesdays at various locations around the now BT Adastral Park, Martlesham Heath, Ipswich, Suffolk, UK. The Club Committee also meets on occasional Mondays.

The Club Shack
The shack has two permanent 80 foot Versatowers. The main tower has a Hy-Gain TH5 with a 13 element yagi for 2m. The second tower has a Cushcraft 402CD with a Cushcraft A3 on top. For LF it has a dipole and delta loop for 80m plus an inverted dipole for 160 metres.

A third system, provided by Bob, G4BAH, and KT34 yagi provided by Andy, G4PIQ, allows the station to operate three systems independently.

Transceiver and Linear equipment varies according to whatever club members are currently interested in.

Most of the more modern equipment is on a loan basis from one or two key members, although the towers are club owned.

The Society is active in some National Contests (RSGB) with some of its key members taking part in CQ WPX, ARRL 160 and ARRL DX as well as CQWW as G0KPW and M6T.

Microwave Roundtable
The Society supports the annual Microwave Round Table.