UK UHF Beacons

BT has for many years graciously provided free facilities for the beacons, and in the past a DX Cluster and repeater as one of its 'community return' projects.

On the 10th floor of the famous Martlesham Radio tower, are the microwave beacons.

G4MRS operates beacons on 23, 13, 10 and 3cms for UK and Europe - the main racks are shown below - all the images can be clicked for larger versions.

The pictures below, show the rack for the GB3MHL, GB3MHX, GB3MHS and GB3MHC beacons.

The GB3MHL has two units at the top (with fans). The black box below that is the GB3MHL driver. Below that is the driver for the GB3MHX 3cm beacon. The GB3MHX multiplier and both beacon antennas are out on the galleries (on the outside of the radio tower).

Main Rack

GB3MHL - Operating on 1296.830 Mhz is the top unit
GB3MHX - Operating on 10368.830 Mhz is near the top
GB3MHC - Operating on 5760.830 Mhz is in the middle
GB3MHS - Operating on 3400.830 Mhz is the bottom beacon unit
The PSU is at the bottom of the rack

The picture below shows one set of the slotted aerials for GB3MHL attached to the first and second floor aerial galleries on the Martlesham radio tower. There are two sets of aerials, one on each side of the tower (one pointing East and one pointing West). To give an idea of scale, the gallery fences are made from 2 inch scaffold pole and is about four feet high. Click on the centre picture to get a larger view of the aerial pointing SW (towards the UK).

GB3MHL 23cm slotted aerial (side one of two pointing SW)